Dyson’s new secret project is a Robot that does your chores

20 year-development? How didn’t anyone know?

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Jun 12, 2022

Dyson is by now, not only a household name, but definitely part of our culture. Millennials joke that owning a Dyson is more valuable than owning a home (and with this perpetual economic decline and soaring market prices, can you really blame them)?


But besides their sci-fi-looking vacuum cleaners and insanely advanced hairdryers, Dyson has been working on a secret project: Robots. Yes, that’s right, but they’re not just any robots, they’re ones that will complete your chores for you.


Dyson recently revealed that they are working on robots that are capable of doing household chores and that they will be available by 2030. Just imagine this: Strong robotic hands picking up dishes from the cupboard and setting them on the table, clearing out the cutlery and dishes from the dishwasher, or even folding your laundry.


Dyson’s prototypes can already pick up teddy bears from the floor and find crisps that have slipped between the cracks of the couch, according to a video released alongside the unveiling of their new project.



The new robots, according to Dyson, will be able to manage delicate tasks and fragile things, which robotics have yet to attain a sufficient degree in. Apparently, the company has been conducting research on robotics for the past 20 years without anyone knowing. Even though this has been a secret project, the company has been sponsoring research at London’s Imperial College and is now setting up more offices in Singapore and the United Kingdom.


The research is extremely secretive, according to Dyson, and the company is just now sharing morsels of information in order to attract the greatest engineers from across the world. Dyson is trying to hire 700 robotics engineers to work on the “brains” of these robots that perform household duties.


If they manage to make it work, the move will usher in a robotics revolution, bringing this type of robot, which is already in use in factories, into people’s homes for the first time.


Humanity has been dreaming about such robots since the beginning of the technological revolution. Some might argue that these kind of inventions are unnecessary and render humans obsolete, but if we widen our scope of thinking, we realize that this will be miraculous for people who are not able-bodied and will change the way these kinds of communities go about their lives.


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Photo via Dyson