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Check out Eames’ new playing cards

This is what we call leveling up.

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Feb 9, 2022

We’re literally not kidding: Eames Office and Art Of Play have teamed up to create a set of luxury playing cards.


The most classic winter visual is that of sitting around a warm couch with a fire crackling in the background, and sipping hot chocolate with marshmallows while playing a game of cards. Now you can elevate your card game, because Ray & Charles Eames’ design studio, Eames Office, has collaborated with the beloved wonder emporium, Art of Play, to create a limited edition deck of designer playing cards.


Since the studio’s formation in 1941 by husband and wife, Charles and Ray Eames, the Eames brand has been synonymous with high-end design. With this collaboration, they continue to hold onto their legacy.


The cards, released on November 19th, 2021, feature designs by prominent artists such as the Pentagram team and Paula Scher. The decks are not only refined and curated, but they are also ageless, making them the ideal deck for a lifetime of play.



According to the Director of the Eames Office:


“Playing cards are the sort of platform that resonates with the Eames work—a deck of cards offers clear constraints, but as long as you satisfy those constraints, you have a great deal of freedom. And the mathematical side is fascinating as well (there is a whole slew of math puzzles and problems around the 52 cards in a standard deck)—which adds another layer, given the Eameses’ delight in the pleasures of mathematics.”


Dave Buck, the co-founder and CEO of Art of Play said:


“The numbering system on the faces of first edition Eames Playing Cards enables acts of cardistry to pay homage to the Eameses’ classic film Powers of Ten. Meanwhile, the court cards suggest the higher majesty Ray and Charles saw in elegant geometric shapes.”


Each deck is packaged in a letterpress-printed tuck case made from sustainable paper and vegetable-based dyes. As a result, all of the cards are crafted with materials that were designed and manufactured in the United States. If you’re a fan of both card games and mid-century American design, these playing cards are upping the ante.


The first edition of this collection of is available in stores all over the world, and you can purchase them online from You can, too, live out your mid-century modern poker night fantasies for $18 per pack. Now that’s what we call buying art on a budget.


Photo via Eames Office