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eBay just honored all Women with their new initiative

Female sneakerheads y’all excited?!

words by: Natasha Marsh
Mar 15, 2021

I don’t remember the last time I visited the eBay website but after hearing their latest announcement, that will be changing very soon. In honor of International Women’s Day, the mega corporation launched a new Female Sneakerhead program on March 8, in hopes to shine more spotlight on women in the sneaker culture.


In order to execute their initiative properly, the auction platform is partnering with well known female influencers for the remainder of March. Both parties will work to curate upcoming drops and special content across all their channels.


To start this new program, eBay has looked to Esther Wallace, founder of Playa Society, the apparel brand. The platform has also partnered with Chicks with Kicks to release the largest and rarest sneaker collections to celebrate International Women’s Month. It’s rumored there will be over 2,200 shoes to select from sold exclusively on eBay.


We are excited to see what eBay does with this initiative in the coming weeks. We hope it will spark a lot more big brands to include females in their strategies. We hope it will lead to hiring even more female leaders for their companies. This announcement and partnership comes after eBay announced it’ll add $100+ sneakers to its Authenticity Guarantee program last year.


Photo via eBay