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The rise of Edutainment: TV’s newest trend

Are you watching these?

words by: Natasha Marsh
Aug 1, 2020

Shelter-in-place orders had/have most of us scrolling through Instagram, constantly consuming the news or watching feel good movies to escape the heartbreak going on in our country. As I continue to watch more TV, I’ve been impressed with the companies coming out with educational or awareness commercials to highlight disabilities and racism in America.


One commercial showed a Black dad taking his daughter to school. The entire commercial was without sound and followed the pair around. The dad dressed in casual loungewear held his curly-haired daughter’s hand to cross the street and received stares and glares from white counterparts. When seen walking down the street, white families immediately switched to the other side of the sidewalk in fear of a Black man. It ends with the dad arriving at his place of work. He ends up being a federal judge and the TV flashes the words, “Don’t judge. End systemic racism.” It was powerful and very in your face. This commercial is part of edutainment, or educational entertainment.


Edutainment is a medium of TV that’s designed to educate through entertainment. Studies have proved audio and video learning have positive and appealing impacts that draw-in interest and audiences in new ways. It’s a way that clearly states the problem but doesn’t place direct blame for why it exists. These commercials are vital for our current climate as we fight to end systemic racism and grant equal rights for all. We hope it will enhance traditional minds and open up the eyes of people who are unaware of the struggle.


We’re also excited to see these creative projects by Black celebrities, athletes and artists take shape and further enhance the voice for our community.