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There are new emojis on the way, and this time they’re inclusive

Are you ready?

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Sep 16, 2021

There will be new emojis soon! Everyone was able to get a first look at the draft candidates of the Unicode Consortium’s Emoji 14.0 release right after World Emoji Day on July 17.


A saluting face, biting lip, low charge, and a focus on gender inclusivity are among the new emojis. Emojipedia has the Unicode 14.0 Emoji List here for you to look through. These emojis will be available on your devices later this year or early next year, depending on which OS system is released.



If you have some questions, we got you covered:


So, what’s new in Emoji 14.0?

37 new emoji code points were added into the Unicode 14.0 release as of September 14. Melting face, dotted line face, face holding back tears, and face with diagonal lips are among the new emojis.


“Person with Crown” is a gender-neutral replacement for the current Princess and Prince emojis. The coral emoji should be used while talking about climate change. “Pregnant Man” and “Pregnant Person” are new and acknowledge that certain transgender males and non-binary persons can become pregnant. There are also new versions of the current Pregnant Woman and gender-neutral dancer emojis.


This builds on years of work to make emoji representations and dialogues more inclusive of genders, religions, ethnicities, and geographies—a push that seems to have been in the making forever.


When will the new emojis be available on iPhone?

While the official clearance for Emoji 14 has happened, the first support for the new character set is planned for later this year. However, iOS 15 is expected to introduce these to Apple iPhones in early 2022. Emoji 13.1 was released in April of this year on Apple iOS. Due to COVID-19, the Unicode Standard 14.0 was delayed from March 2021 until now.


When will the new emojis be available on Android?

It’s expected that Google will be ready to implement this in Android 12 this year, between October and December. The Google Pixel phones will be the first to receive these more inclusive emojis as part of a monthly Android 12 upgrade.


However, Android phones from most brands, including Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus, and others, should anticipate to receive the Emoji 14.0 pack in early 2022, around the same time as the Apple iPhones.


In related emoji news, Twitter tested out emoji reactions earlier this year.


Photo via Emojipedia