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Should I get an Essential Oil Diffuser?

8 amazing benefits.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Feb 18, 2022

I started using an essential oil diffuser regularly last summer when I moved back to New York City from Los Angeles. Known for its wellness benefits (stress management, calmness, and relaxation), I wanted to create a specific aroma in my home to aid in mood stability, no matter what environment I desired.


After much research, I discovered aromatherapy provides physical and mental benefits. Plus, it has helped in every category of my life. In case you are unaware, or would like to brush up on the benefits, below are my favorite reasons of having a diffuser. I dare you to not get one after reading through the list.


Ultimate relaxation awaits

Most people will turn on their diffuser after a long day of work. The gentle smells and soothing properties are one of the best ways to unwind after a stressful on-the-go day filled with non-stop errands or meetings, and deadlines. You can use essential oils by themselves or with another activity to further stimulate relaxation. For example, I enjoy diffusing essential oils in my evening stretch, while I’m taking a bath, or even when I meditate. It always provides a wave of calmness to me that reinvigorates the rest of my evening.


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Helps to de-stress

As a freelance journalist, I am constantly managing expectations and deadlines. I have to stay hyper-focused and agenda aware. Sometimes, the excess amount of work I have leads to stress and tension. When I put my diffuser on, it helps me to take a moment to re-center myself when I feel like I’ve lost control. And really, the diffuser and essential oils promotes deep breathing, which is one of the easiest things you can do to mitigate stress.


Better focus and clarity

Choosing an energizing scent like citrus will boost alertness as well as the ability to concentrate and focus. I always notice my productivity levels are higher when my diffuser is on, versus when it is not. It’s best to use an energizing scent when you’re plagued with a long day of deadlines and other fulfillment that require your full attention. The aroma will help reduce feelings of stress or nervous irritation that’s often accompanied by high-stress work situations.


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You’ll breathe better

Sadly, there is almost always something in the air that will affect your respiratory system. Diffusing essential oils helps to clear the airways and helps you breathe better by minimizing the effects of seasonal environmental stressors, especially during the winter.


Your body won’t hurt as much

After I turned 30, I experience aches and pains that I never had as a youth. I credit this to aging and nothing else. Diffusing essential oils will soothe even the achiest of bodies, like joint pain, by triggering the release of feel-good hormones. If you are sore after a workout, or have stiff legs from sitting at a desk, the aroma diffuser can also help to ease muscle tension and soreness. You can even take a few drops of oil and massage it directly into the muscle to delete the lactic acid and help you to stay loose.


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Encourages better z’s

There are so many thoughts that can keep a person up at night. In fact, more than 50 million American suffer from 80 different sleep disorders. Using a calming scent to diffuse before bed will promote relaxation and better quality of sleep.


Better skin

Occasionally, I’ll wake up in the morning with redness. I don’t know why, but it generally disappears a couple hours into the morning. But since essential oils have anti-inflammatory properties, it helps to rebalance the skin and improve the appearance of redness. The result: Healthy skin and a clear complexion. Diffusing oils also promotes better circulation and efficient lymph drainage for healthier looking skin that is de-puffed and less irritated.


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Happy digestive system

Yes, aromatherapy can even help an upset stomach. Certain essential oils can relieve stomach issues of feeling too full or feeling too queasy. It also helps regulate the digestive tract and will let you process food better. In turn, it also encourages healthy eating. Some research shows that simply smelling food satisfies hunger cravings. Therefore, diffusing oils can help manage hunger cravings and boost willpower to reduce snacking in between meals.


Essential oil diffusers are so beneficial to your overall wellness, and some oils can even be used directly on your skin to optimize calmness, like cypress, lavender, and eucalyptus. Want to learn more about diffusers, we’ve broken the basic types for you.


Photo vias CNET, Tiege Henley