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Which essential oils are good for Hair growth?

So long hair loss.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Jan 18, 2022

Studies show that you lose a little bit of hair each year. Some people also have hair loss in their genes and will start to show it earlier than others. The important thing to note is that it’s completely normal. But although it’s normal, it could be difficult to deal with, especially since there is such a negative stigma around hair thinning and hair loss. All these negative stereotypes could potentially get at your confidence level and impact your mental health. But the truth is: 40% of people experience visible hair loss by age 40, so there is really nothing to feel low about, when it’s that common.


Of course, genetics and age are the two big factors, but hair loss can also result from hormones, cancer, alopecia, scalp infections, and overall stress on the body or hair. Especially being in a pandemic, it’s no surprise if your hair is thinning or falling out. Translation: You are not alone. Unfortunately, there is no magic pill or routine that can completely fix hair loss or grow it back quickly, but oddly enough, essential oils are one of the biggest beneficial tools for those looking to boost growth and reverse hair loss.


Essential oils are a great addition to your hair health routine by preventing future fallout and promoting new growth. If you are struggling with hair loss, below are seven amazing essential oils to combat thinning and loss.


Tea Tree

Not only is the tea tree oil soap and shampoo amazingly affordable at Trader Joes and other drugstores, but it has loads of benefits. Tea tree oil helps fight acne and has been proven to fight bacteria, viruses, and fungi that could grow on the scalp. Which means it helps with dandruff and is gentle enough for everyday use for improved scalp health.



The hero essential oil for hair thinning, thyme strengthens the hair follicles and promotes thicker hair. Stronger hair mixed with a balanced diet and low stress will be paramount in good hair health. Of course, this isn’t an overnight cure, you might have to use the products for up to six months before you see any real benefits.



By dilating the blood vessels and promoting cell proliferation, rosemary oil stimulates hair growth rapidly.



Lavender oil is the most popular essential oil to calm the mind and skin for a Zen state of mind. The anti-microbial properties will help promote a cleaner scalp and a good environment for hair growth to take place.



If shedding or balding is your thing right now, cedarwood essential oil is where you should start. This oil will balance out the oil-producing glands in your scalp and help with dryness and dandruff that could lead to hair loss.



Peppermint has a great ability to boost blood flow and circulation in the scalp. It has a tingling sensation due to the menthol that helps promote blood flow in the areas it’s applied to and works wonders in the follicles, folic depth and thickness of strands.



Bergamot is another commonly used anti-microbial essential oil that helps with scalp health and reducing the inflammation that could occur in the scalp, leading to hair loss.


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