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Eucalyptus Oil: the key to a calm Scalp

Discover all the benefits of eucalyptus oil for your hair.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Oct 19, 2021

As someone with curly hair, I am constantly on the hunt for products that will add hydration and restore shine to my curls. Because I test so many hair products, I’m always concerned about irritation and have always ended up at the essential oil of the moment. While essential oils might seem too buzzy in the wellness space, there is something to be said about the numerous benefits in plant extracts, more specifically in eucalyptus oil.


So if like me, you’ve been searching for a one-stop solution for all your hair needs, allow us to introduce you to eucalyptus oil.


What is eucalyptus oil?

Derived from the oval-shaped leaves of a eucalyptus tree, eucalyptus oil is dried, crushed and distilled into the popular essential oil it is today. As a hero ingredient, eucalyptus oil, scientifically known as cineole, is anti-inflammatory and aromatic. Not only does it help with your scalp but it can also help with bug bites, infections, aches, colds, and wounds.


Who should use eucalyptus oil?

Best known for its anti-fungal properties, eucalyptus oil is best for people with dry, itchy, flaky scalps or those that have clinical cases of dandruff. The way this oil does this is by regulating oil production and bacteria that attracts an oily scalp. Once it links onto the bad oil production and bacteria, it balances the production, which yields to less oily roots down the road.


As beneficial as eucalyptus oil is, it is still an essential oil and if you have sensitive skin you should avoid it at all costs to avoid any allergies.


What are the hair benefits of eucalyptus oil?

The benefits of eucalyptus oil for your hair and scalp are unmatched:

  • Prevents yeast buildup on scalp.
  • Boosts hair growth.
  • Soothes scalp and leads to smoother and softer hair.
  • Produces a glow and shine in hair.
  • Helps treat dandruff.
  • Anti-inflammatory.
  • Treats head lice.
  • Removes hair sunburns.


How often should I use eucalyptus oil?

First of all, you can see a dermatologist to get eucalyptus oil applied to your head or you can buy a topical in the form of a scalp scrub, treatment, or shampoo from your local store. The most important thing to remember if you are buying it on your own is to make sure the oil is accompanied by a carrier oil. Translation: don’t directly use an essential oil on your skin (scalp included) if you are not a chemist.


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