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A case for express Teeth Whitening in NYC

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words by: Natasha Marsh
Sep 18, 2022

One of my longest-standing habits that started in the pandemic: Teeth whitening. With mask mandates in full swing, I figured it was the perfect time to get better at oral health. My thinking was that if something went wrong with the Crest white strips or illuminating toothpastes, no one would care because they wouldn’t be able to see it. With that in mind, I invested in a water flosser, fancy sonic toothbrush, manual floss, a tongue scraper, interesting teeth kits, and went down a rabbit hole reading and researching all things related to good oral health.


I even took photos throughout my two (now three-year) journey to compare the results. I was able to make my teeth a lot brighter, and even get rid of some of the extrinsic (surface) stains from my long-standing wine and coffee habits. Although at-home routines can be super effective, I was really excited for dentists to open back up again after lockdown, knowing that professional services would only expedite my results.


With my hectic work schedule and fear of being outside in a pandemic, I discovered express teeth whitening locations. Instead of the typical multi-session whitening treatments that take place at dental offices, these express studios allow you to achieve similar professional-level results in 60 minutes or less.


These studios feel more like a DIY experience, but with a licensed professional guiding you the entire time. The emphasis is on education and how to keep up with the habit at home. Recently, I visited an express studio and was so happy with the experience. You are told exactly what will happen during the appointment as soon as you walk in, something you don’t always get at a dentist’s office.


You then are instructed to brush your teeth and the employee will apply a thick gel across your teeth that will help the light whiten your teeth. You’ll then sit in a floating pod, where there is an iPad, headphones, and your favorite Netflix or Hulu show.


The whitening happens in 3 sessions that are 15 minutes each. It allows you just enough time to finish an episode of your favorite show or get halfway through a movie. As for the actual whitening, it is not painful and only requires you to stay still and not lean forward, to avoid the gel dripping out.


If relaxing and getting your teeth whitened at the same time (instead of the dentist’s weird tools all the time), express whitening might be your gig. Here’s 2 types of teeth stains explained so you know the reason behind your teeth getting yellow.


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