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Here’s how you can get rid of the bags under your eyes

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Oct 11, 2020

If you’re human, then you’ve most likely woken up before with puffy swollen eyes, and have wondered how to get rid of these gnarly bags. You may not know this, but the skin around your eyes is much thinner than anywhere else on your face, so it’s easier to show signs of exhaustion. That’s why dark circles are the most reported sign.


In order to reduce puffy eyes, get into the habit of applying proactive eye products before bed. You know the expression “better safe than sorry?” Well, it can’t be more accurate. There are many serums and eye cream that work to prevent dark circles and nourish your skin with nutrients such as peptides. They help make your skin simultaneously firm and smooth while you sleep allowing you to wake up looking much more rested than you actually are.


But worry not, here we have suggestions and solutions for you to get rid of the bags under your eyes:


Use Kiehl’s overnight botanical eye cream

This eye serum is infused with botanical extracts and oils, made for dry skin and helps diminish the look of eye bags and dark circles overnight.


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Apply Jack Black peptide eye cream

Jack Black Protein Booster Eye Rescue is a highly effective age control product and works miracles when it comes to getting rid of those circles under your eyes. This cream features many anti-aging ingredients, including peptides that minimize the appearance of expression lines in the eye area. 


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Play with Alder New York obsidian face roller

While jade rollers have been somewhat of a trend recently, Alder New York’s Facial Roller is made from black obsidian, a natural crystal formed from rapidly cooling lava. Use it in the morning and/ or night to improve overall skin health and appearance by stimulating collagen, massaging tense muscles, and promoting lymphatic drainage.


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Get into the habit of using Follain peptide and caffeine eye cream

Who knew that caffeine could have benefits that go beyond making you a human being in the morning? Follain’s eye cream brightens and energizes your skin with a Vitamin C rich make-up and its core ingredient of caffeine that helps your skin remain fresh looking and tight. Gently pat 1 to 2 pumps under and around the orbital area, morning and night. 


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Use this Yeouth retinol eye cream

Retinol is the age-old solution for under eye dark circles. As the most widely researched skincare ingredient it is an extremely effective skin-transformer that delivers what your skin needs. Essentially, it speeds cell turnover, boosts collagen production, evens out skin tone, and helps with hyperpigmentation.


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