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Everything you ever wanted to know about Eyelash Cleaning

Yes, it’s a thing.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Sep 7, 2022

My seasonal allergies have been out of control this year. As someone who only developed said allergies within the last 4 years, it still trips me out when my throat starts to hurt or I am constantly blowing my nose. One of the most annoying parts is the itchy eye symptom. I have rubbed my eyes long and hard enough that it is concerning, and I have tried everything to stop my eyes from itching — Claritin, cold eye compress, spray — everything.


I’ve recently been under the impression that the buildup of all the eye products I try as a beauty editor could be affecting my eyes. I had to ask myself, could the lash growth serum, lengthening mascara, and temporary eyelash extensions I had on the other day be the cause of my irritated eyes? As it turns out, potentially. Unless you are cleansing your eyelashes, specific products and techniques will create irritation.


A couple tips are below if you have been experiencing the same thing and have tried everything. Trust me, as someone who now cleanses their eyelashes, this will help greatly.


Wash your hands throughout the day

I find that when I am typing long on my computer, the natural oils from my fingers and computer interact, and they will have grease on them. If I were to rub my eyes after working on my computer today, without washing my hands, all that nasty bacteria and unwanted oil can enter into my eyes either causing or furthering any irritation. So, remember to wash your hands frequently.


Avoid certain eye makeup products

As simple as it is, if you have an irritation or infection, like itchy eyes, you should avoid putting things on your eyes. It’s best to avoid wearing mascara or eyeliner as they can be damaging to remove.


Opt for special lash shampoo

Clean your lashes everyday with a lash shampoo to prevent dirt, debris, makeup residue, and dust from causing an infection.


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