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Guys, contour your face with one easy step

Get a face roller now.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Jul 19, 2022

If you’re looking to de-puff your face or just get really amazing cheekbones and jawline, it’s high time to try face rolling. Originating with Korean beauty routines, the face roller has become a staple in many skincare routines for its incredible face-sculpting benefits. Face rolling tools are traditionally made of jade, rose quartz or other crystals. They roll over your face and gently massage and stimulate the lymphatic system to decrease puffiness, ease tension, and stimulate blood flow to increase your skin’s natural glow and define cheekbones.


Massaging your face with a face roller is the perfect way to prevent premature aging. It really does give your face an overall lift. And it’s not so much about changing the shape of your face, but removing what is in the way (excess fluid) instead. Below, we break down exactly what face rolling is and its benefits.


How do you use a face roller?

The idea is to basically recreate a manual massage — similar to what you would get at a spa when you go for a facial. Regular massage or face rolling will truly change the shape of your face. The muscles will get tighter. The best part, you see the face-sculpting effects of face rolling almost instantly as it drains the puffiness away.


For long lasting benefits, of course, make it apart of your daily skincare routine. Meaning, yes, you can face roll every day. Similar to working out at the gym and getting muscles, you must be consistent. With daily face rolling, you will help retrain the muscles, and as you roll upwards (against gravity) you will continue to lift and move the muscles in the right direction.


A pro tip: Use a face roller over a weekly sheet mask to help the ingredients penetrate more deeply into the face. Just remember these quick things the next time you face roll:

  • Always roll upwards, never roll up and down.
  • Use face roller in the morning or chill prior (this will wake up the pores).
  • Work slowly and repeat up to 5 times in each area.


There have been tons of recent studies done that show face rolling lowers the cortisol levels that affect aging. Plus, due to the crystals face rollers have an incredible cooling effect that can visibly calm down the skin and remove irritation. The real power, though, is its ability to drain retained fluid and de-puff the skin. However, you must roll with purpose instead of just rolling randomly.


Estheticians and dermatologists also suggest rolling in the morning, while crystal rollers are naturally cold. You can even pop them in the refrigerator for even better results. Before rolling, always use a cream or oil for slip over the skin and gently roll upwards and outwards along the jawline. Start at the chin and move towards the ear, draining away any fluid that could potentially cause puffiness and inflammation. Do this at least 5 times then move up. Roll under the cheekbone from the side of the nose to ear, then up under the eye to temple and down the ear again. The entire process should take less than 5 minutes.


Face rolling is truly the answer for a 5-minute massage. But if you just need the real thing, here’s where you go for the best massages. And don’t forget, foam rollers for your muscles do the same thing a face roller does.


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