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New Men’s Cosmetics brand alert: Faculty

Looks like Machine Gun Kelly’s got company.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Jun 21, 2022

You might have noticed all throughout the pandemic and a couple years prior that new nail polish brands continue to pop up, offering shades and genderless options for multiple communities. With this has come from a rising trend of more and more men painting their nails and what the press is calling “a new wave of masculinity,” there are many brands on the market that have created colors that are for their communities and people that have been othered, but also can be used by anyone.


Fed up with the unspoken boundaries, guidelines and rules that exist in this world, Faculty, founded in 2019, is a new cosmetics brand that is working to build a world free from constraint. “One that celebrates all the wide-ranging, contradictory possibilities that humanity holds for us. Both strength and tenderness, boastfulness and modesty, the quiet and the loud, the audacious and the vulnerable. Every facet, every feeling — we say that’s all part of the new, bigger, freer story we’re writing together,” their website reads.


How might they do this through nail polish (their main product) you might ask? The brand believes in feeling good in your own skin and being free to be yourself is the very key to living free of constraint. Their products offer a way to feel more yourself.


“It’s not a nail polish company,” Fenton Jagdeo, co-founder of Faculty said in a recent press statement. Although the brand has a couple of nail polish colors, Jagdeo and co-founder Umar ElBably want people to realize that it’s so much bigger than that.


The Toronto-based company plans to have men’s foundation, eye shadow, and potentially hair dye that will focus on this new wave of masculinity. “Essentially, our goal is to blur,” Jagdeo recently said in an interview when speaking of the dividing gender line they wish to eradicate. They are more interested in providing unconventional men’s products to men who wish to express themselves differently.


It’s this mentality that attracted the likes of Estée Lauder, who just gave $3 million seed round funding to the business. With their resources and ability to invest in startups, we believe Estée Lauder will be just the push that the brand needs to make giant impact.


The duo plans to become a household name with their drop model approach, releasing and adverting a highly-coveted and select arrangement of limited supply items before selling out. Currently they have nail polish shades, nail sticker art kits, water bottles, apparel, and socks. You can shop everything on faculty.world.


The “menicure” movement is still in and we’re not mad about it at all.


Photo via Faculty