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Bro, please throw out your 2-in-1 shampoo

Here’s why.

words by: Thugwife
May 21, 2020

And toss your dippity-do gel while you’re at it. 

Shampoo and conditioner are not the same. So naturally, they don’t belong in the same bottle. That’s like seasoning your steak with sugar and salt. You would never. 

Shampoo opens your hair cuticle, removes dirt, oil, and product from your hair and scalp.  While conditioner restores moisture and closes the cuticle, leaving your strands silky smooth. If you shampoo your hair and can still feel your hair product in there, that shit has got to go. A build-up of product clogs your hair follicles which can lead to premature and even worsen hair loss. While genetics is the ultimate deciding factor, the best way to prevent hair loss is stimulation to the scalp (tell your partner this next time you want your head scratched). 


The next topic of debate: drugstore vs. professional products.

The concentration levels of products are very different. Drugstore products contain up to 80% water, versus professional lines. The next time you pick up your GOT2B spiking glue, check the back of it. Ingredients are listed in order of largest quantities. What’s the first one you see there? Aqua … thought so.

A little bit of product from a professional line will go a long way. Consider this the next time you’re squeezing a quarter of the drugstore tube into your hand. 

You wouldn’t have your dentist cast your broken leg, so start buying product where you get your haircut.