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Fermented Oils are the latest Skincare Trend

Should you try it?

words by: Natasha Marsh
May 19, 2022

For years, I’ve bene drinking kombucha once a week. The fermented tea has transformed my gut health from leaky gut syndrome, to well-balanced. I liked kombucha and all the added benefits for my stomach so much that I started incorporating more fermented items (kimchi, radish, cabbage) into my diet for optimal gut health. And I’m not alone, either.


Fermented oils and other probiotic ingredients are a fast-growing trend. But did you know these ingredients are now used in skincare products?


What’s fermented oil-infused skincare?

If you see a skincare product boasting about fermented oils, here’s what it means. Part of the product has oil that had a special production process. During this process, the carbs in the oil were changed to acid with energy. What this does is make products less irritating when they’re being used.


Instead of using chemicals that could harm the skin, fermented oils are said to be cleaner, and don’t run the risk of causing damage in the long run.


What are the benefits?

Since this is a relatively new idea, make sure to do your research on a product with fermented oils. What you’re looking for are clinical trails and tests that have accurate and up-to-date results. Make sure you know what fermented ingredients are, and how they’re being used. It seems like quite a bit of legwork just to do for skincare, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.


As for the benefits, among improved skin texture and concentration, it can also boost how other ingredients interact with your skin. Again, the product will only be effective with the right dosage and specific skin functions.


Fermented foods might continue to be on the rise, and researchers only expect the same to happen in skincare. Of course, there are still loads of studies to still be done, but results look promising. If you’re interested in trying out fermented oil-infused skincare products, make sure you do your research.


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Photo via The Beauty Chef