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This “2020 Scent” candle smells exactly like you thought it would

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Nov 7, 2020

If we told you there’s a candle carrying a “2020 scent” how would you imagine this candle to smell like? 


Your guess is probably right if you thought: hand sanitizer, tie dye, banana bread and Joe Exotic. 


If for some crazy reason you are dead-set on remembering 2020, Flaming Crap decided to commemorate this unusually eventful year with a limited edition “2020 Scent” candle. This candle boasts four fragrant layers, assured to take you on a journey through the year. With subtle scents of DIY wood musk, banana bread, hand sanitizer, and aftershave (probably the one used by Joe Exotic from the popular quarantine show Tiger King).


2020 has been quite a year. We had a pandemic that changed the world as we know it, a much contested presidential election, murder hornets, and more, but it also had some uplifting moments that took shape in viral sensations such as Joe Exotic, and everyone’s sudden interest in baking. 


Flaming Crap created this candle to commemorate some of the wildest events of this year. Surely, you can’t really envision what this combination smells like, but it will definitely remind you of the year we all went through a global pandemic in a way that may uplift you. 


You may think this is a joke, but it actually is not. Despite its humoristic nature, it is quite a serious product. Made from vegan KeraSoy wax, and packaged in recycled packaging and labels, this product, like all of Flaming Crap’s products, is made ethically and with the environment in mind. 


This Joe Exotic-Banana Bread smelling candle really captures the chaos of this year. Oliver Burr, co-founder of Flaming Crap shares: “Many people have mixed feelings about this year, it’s been tough on many levels, but others valued their time in lockdown. Our candle is reminiscent and a reminder of some of this year’s most prominent themes, and a completely unique gift this festive period.  A way to mark this year in a fun way!”


Priced at $19.50, Flaming Crap’s “The 2020 Scent” candle is available for pre-order now on Flaming Crap’s website.


Photo via Flaming Crap