FLO’s Debut EP is “Best New Artist” material

Almost too good to be described…almost.

words by: Kayla Carmicheal
Jul 20, 2022

A while ago, a video went around on Twitter of a 3-person girl group singing an original R&B track called “Cardboard Box.” It’s been so long since we’ve been treated to a group like Destiny’s Child, En Vogue, or TLC—and we’re overdue. FLO obviously had the talent to make an impact. What I, and many others were waiting for, was their true entrance.


With the EP The Lead, we have it. Less than two weeks after its release, it’s already charting high on streaming services, even reaching #4 on Apple Music. Many are calling the 5 songs “Best New Artist”-worthy, signaling Grammys. I gotta say, I’m inclined to agree. FLO came ready and with heat. The polished final product is something you’d expect from a girl group with a history of #1s to their name.


Starting with a polished version of “Cardboard Box,” you already know the group has elevated since their soft launch. The chorus is just so catchy and gives me “No Scrubs” vibes. Especially with the lyrics “I’ma put your sh*t in a cardboard box—changing my number and I’m changing the locks.” Complete with a whistle note, tight harmonies, and production with immaculate depth, it’s the perfect intro.


Keeping in tune with keeping scrubs out of the picture, “Immature” has proven to be the internet’s (and my personal) favorite. It’s smooth, dialing back the production to let vocals shine. “You steady movin’ immature” is a lyric in the chorus that reminds me that while The Lead is a homage to the greats of yesteryear, this is 2022 music. The slight dub-wub and pulsing drum beat confirm it. Harmonies dominate the outro, complete with those classic R&B snaps—proving that FLO knows how to build a vibe.



Vibes are the name of the game, which is where “Summertime” takes center stage. It calls back to the rhythmic moves of the opener, adding a guitar and bell tones to the mix. It’s the perfect playlist addition for a cruise on a hot day.


But what I can’t get over in addition to everything else is “Feature Me.” From the funky R&B electric guitar to the impeccable scale-singing, it’s the natural follow-up to “Summertime.” These elements put FLO in a league of their own already — and they’re here to stay. Plus, another iconic whistle note!


Closing out with an acoustic track, “Another Guy” showcases the raw talent of the women. FLO doesn’t need all the switchboards and add-ons (though great). They know how to build off of each other’s vocal ranges, and it’s proven with the ad-libs throughout. Don’t sleep on this one.


If you’re itching for the hottest vibe right now, look no further. FLO brought the talent, the finesse, and the music video of the summer as far as groups go. You’re missing out on what everyone’s talking about if you don’t stream it.


I’m just waiting patiently until this UK trio takes the stage for a major fest in the States.


Photo via FLO