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Your feet smell, you should fix that

words by: Natasha Marsh
Dec 9, 2020

Sheltering-in-place this year has given many of us a lot of downtime. Hopefully you’ve used some of your time productively by catching up on work, enhancing your self-care routine, reading a new book and focusing on inner peace. Speaking of self-care routines, it is time to take care of that foot odor you’ve been ignoring. Like bad morning breath, increased bacteria can cause smelly feet and the more moisture your feet get, the smellier your feet will be. Ahead, we’ve highlighted a couple of the ways to minimize the stink.


Wash often.

Wash feet daily and scrub them every once in a while. If your feet are dry or need extra TLC, lotion them when you get out of the shower. And on that note – don’t put your feet into socks post shower if your feet are still damp.


Socks matter.

Repeat after me: cotton socks are bad. Although comfy, they retain moisture very easily. Opt for a lightweight moisture-wicking sock instead.


Powder room.

If you’re feet really smell, apply a moisture-absorbing powder to your feet before slipping them into socks.


Fresh Kicks.

Let your shoes air out between wears or you know, buy more shoes so you can have more options.