Forbes has released the list of top Creators of 2022

It’s actually kind of cool to see.

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Sep 19, 2022

Social media has come a long way from just being a simple way to connect with family and friends. In fact, many people have made careers out of creating content, and it seems that the demand remains high for the field. Several content creators have made insane amounts of money from creating content and using their platforms to advertise or advance a specific brand or lifestyle. This is happening across media platforms, from TikTok to Instagram and YouTube.


Forbes has recently released a list of the top creators of 2022. This list boasts the names of several social media influencers, some of whom you may already be familiar with. What they all have in common is that they’ve managed to build a huge fan base and turn it into an extremely lucrative career.


The list contains the most powerful influencers working today. However, The Top Content Creators of 2022 is the first-ever ranking, making it so that the field is truly recognized and given the attention it deserves.


You should check out the list in its entirety, but here are the top 5 names on the list.


1. MrBeast (Jimmy Donaldson)


MrBeast was crowned the king of YouTube, and is now at the top of the list of Forbes’ content creators. He has a following of 160+ million across platforms, and his account is essentially him performing stunts that usually end up going viral.


2. Charli D’Amelio

@charlidamelioi just wanted to see if i could do this♬ mask off by future – ✰


Charli D’Amelio is the second most powerful content creator, with a following of over 147 million on TikTok. She went from making dance videos on TikTok to essentially blowing up and creating an empire. Charli also has her own line of perfume.


3. Alexandra Cooper


Third on the list is Alexandra Cooper. She used to be a soccer player and is now a host of one of the most popular podcasts (with a wild history) on Spotify named Call Her Daddy.


4. Elliot Tebele

Photo via Jamel Toppin for Forbes


Elliot Tebele is mostly known for his memes. He started as Fuck Jerry (a main player in marketing the Fyre Fest disaster and stealing from small creators), which was an account that pioneered “memes” as a form of art, and has now expanded his business turning it into a money making empire.


5. Emma Chamberlain


And finally, in the fifth spot, we have Emma Chamberlain, who dropped out of school and started posting videos that garnered her a huge following. She is known for her humor and selling merchandise via her channel. She also has a coffee brand called Chamberlain Coffee. Her fame has also earned her covers on Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and Allure.


Now that we’re talking about social media giants, Instagram is going back on its changes after major backlash and a new music streaming service from TikTok is in the works.


Check out the full Forbes Top Creators 2022 list here.


Photo via Guerin Blask/Forbes