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Frank Ocean’s Homer catalog is here, take a look

Visit the NYC location to cop.

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Oct 4, 2021

Frank Ocean is known for being a low-key singer-songwriter, rapper, experimental R&B performer, photographer, and all-around creative sensation. Ocean has only released singles on a sporadic basis since his second album, Blonde, was released five years ago. He’s recently held some LGBT dance parties in Queens and participated in a Prada commercial campaign, but his other recent endeavors have remained a secret, until last month.


Meet the luxury brand, Homer

Ocean has been quite busy recently, but no one’s complaining because he has given us a catalog for his independent luxury label Homer, which is named after the Greek poet and “father of history.” Ocean explained that the inspiration behind the brand and its debut collection — a line of fine jewelry and silk scarves designed in New York and produced in Italy — is his interest in the way Homer cemented history by carving it in stone.


“I know Homer used papyrus, but I’ve always liked the idea of carving history into stone.”


The elusive star has truly altered the perception of music for many artists and listeners, and now he’s broadening his horizons by way of launching his new independent American luxury brand.


The catalog

Ocean shot the images for the catalog himself, with additional marketing material provided by Tyrone Lebon, who filmed the video for “Nike” from Ocean’s 2016 album Blonde. Ocean is no stranger to the camera himself: as some of you may recall, his Met Gala series in 2019 provided an intimate glimpse and behind-the-scenes into one of the most exclusive events on the yearly calendar, and his photographs for Homer give a similar vibe.


Lebon’s photographs provide a closer look at the individual items in the first Homer collection, which is only available for purchase at the Homer store in New York and ranges in price from £284 to £1.4 million GBP (~$390 – ~1.91 million USD). We can see bright colors and Pokemon-like creatures appear throughout the collection, which echo all of Ocean’s childhood passions. The artist has said in the past that these childhood obsessions have definitely influenced the brand, at least in some aspects.


The line of jewelry, which is made of 18K gold, repurposed sterling silver, American lab-grown diamonds, as well as hand-painted enamel, also includes retro gaming themes. It’s not a shocker to anyone, that the catalogs were out of stock immediately, but you should keep an eye on for any updates.



If you’re in New York City, visit Homer at the address below.

70-74 Bowery
New York, NY 10013


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Image copyright: Copyright-©-Frank-Ocean-and-Tryone-Lebon