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Everything you need to know about Futura’s lawsuit against The North Face

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Feb 4, 2021

In mid-January, Futura filed a lawsuit against The North Face for copyright infringement, citing similarities between The North Face’s “FUTURELIGHT” branding and Futura’s signature Atom motif.


The graffiti artist’s legal team claimed that the outdoor brand’s logo for their new FUTURELIGHT collection co-opted the artist’s stylized depiction of an atom. The legal team has petitioned for The North Face to recall and remove all of the collection’s products from the market.



The basis for this lawsuit is the history of the symbol of the atom as being a recurring motif in all of Futura’s work—including apparel designs that use the Atom design as a logo. Along with establishing these similarities that count towards a case for copyright infringement, the lawsuit also brings into light the name of the collection (being FUTURELIGHT) as a suggestion of an association with the artist. The North Face did not seek authorization or consult Futura of the possible similarities in the designs, which were used in a $20 million USD advertising campaign. The North Face has not yet responded to the allegations, but at a time where the art and fashion industry is barely hanging on its feet, it is important for industry giants to own up to their infringements and try to right these wrongs.


Photos via Futura/The North Face