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Gentlemen, we need to talk about your Eyebrows

Get them under control.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Mar 29, 2020

If eyes are the gateway to the soul then the eyebrows are… the drawbridge? IDK but they’re important.

For those of us that rely on our biweekly haircuts, daily beard shaves, and monthly eyebrow maintenance – this global pandemic has likely cramped your style in more ways than one. 

Most men are comfortable shaving their beards but debate on brow work. However, time is of the essence – grooming parlors are closed until further notice. If your eyebrows have grown out of control, follow the two steps below on how to shape and pluck them in the comfort of your own home. Simple! 


Clean ’em

With a pair of tweezers, remove any stray hairs surrounding your eyebrows. Key here is to have at least a thumb’s width between your eyebrows. We also recommend tweezing after your shower, pores will be open and hair follicles softened.


Shape ’em

Take a fine tooth comb and brush hair up. Pay attention to any hair that’s longer than the rest, these strands should be cut. Once complete, brush hair down to make sure things are even. 



At home grooming can be stressful. If you take a lil’ too much off, don’t panic – things won’t be closed forever. Oh, and guys, when it comes to tweezing: less is more.