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Meet Geologie, the latest Skincare brand for men

A skincare brand that actually cares.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Sep 17, 2021

The other weekend I was in Arizona, trying to survive 120 degrees of heat. Although nothing could make the heat manageable, especially with COVID in full swing forcing us to stay indoors, I kept thinking, well at least I’m not getting sunburned. Why? Because I had Geologie Essential Sunscreen, formulated with hyaluronic acid and niacinamide (two hero ingredients) coating my skin. If you haven’t heard of this amazing product and brand, allow me to do the honors.


Who and what is Geologie?

Geologie skincare has amazingly simple yet highly effective products to achieve all your skincare goals. The brand understands the lack of desire to have a 10-step skincare routine and looks to simplify that for men (although all binaries can use it) with their entire collection.


To make it even more simply, the technological tools match you up with your perfect, customized skincare regimen. Aka, all the guess and check work is left out of the equation. The diagnostic tool will ask you for your age, current skincare products in your routine, expectations of your new routine, skin tone, sensitivities, and skincare goals (anti-aging, under-eye circles, acne, etc).


Geologie was inspired by Nick Allen’s (the brand’s CEO) visit to South Korea, after discovering a plethora of K-beauty products. He realized that these products held the secret to getting rid of impurities and when he introduced it to friends, he was shocked at how well it worked on all men.


Why they stand out

The key stand out to the brand is their emphasis on giving their audience the exact ingredients in all their products, so that their customer, instead of them, can make the informed decision on purchasing or not. The transparency is key because unfortunately, not all brands are sharing what is in their products, only what isn’t included. Which can very much mean they are getting away with sneaking in ingredients that may or may not be good for our skin microbiome. Geologie on the other hand, looks to educate their consumers and figure out what skin health goals they should actually be after.


In a world overwhelmed with skincare options, it’s nice to see a brand like Geologie who are invested in what your skin needs and has the technology and tools to produce products that align with your skin concerns. As someone who has been using their products for about a month now, they are simple, easy, formulated with good ingredients and get the results I want. A true breath of fresh air.


Interested? Shop some of our favorite products below.


Shop now

Geologie Essential Sunscreen SPF 30 ($45)

Use it indoors, outdoors, on holiday, in the subway, on Zoom calls. There are no limits here.


Geologie Repairing Night Cream ($55)

This night cream is lightweight and will help boost the skin’s renewal process while you sleep. What’s not to love?


Geologie Vital Morning Face Cream ($35)

Give your skin some extra love with this face cream packed with argan oil, ninacinamide, and more.


Geologie Everyday Face Wash ($25)

A lovely cedar-scented foaming cleanser will rid your face of any dirt and oil built up throughout the day or during the night.


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Photo via Geologie