Get fresh coffee delivered to your doorstep every month with these roasters

Coffee subscription services to try.

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Apr 20, 2020

Supporting your local roasters is still important, as small businesses are being affected the most these days, we want to do our part and try to keep our favorite coffee shops and roasters thriving. We all still consume coffee, and need it for our WFH stations, so why not get into coffee subscription services? Whether you’re a novice or a total coffee fanatic, you probably want to be trying new beans (and you definitely want to be getting them regularly) so to that end we handpicked some of these services for you to try out:


Sey Coffee Monthly Subscription 

Brooklyn’s Sey Coffee offers experimental bean varieties (we’re already intrigued!) filled with fruit-forward light roasts. A monthly subscription entails the company sending you a selection from its seasonal line. This changes often, so you’ll be trying something completely new each month. However, no matter the roast or the flavor, this subscription is best suited for someone who enjoys the activity and taste of coffee rather than one who treats it like a means to an end. 

$20 per month


Variety Coffee Bi-weekly Subscription 

Variety Coffee is one of our favorite coffee shops and coffee roasters in the city – a longtime favorite Brooklyn hangout, they opened a roastery in Bushwick two years ago, serving some of the freshest and tastiest coffee in town. Their quality roasts are available in subscriptions tailored to your coffee preferences—cold brew, espresso or filter—and are available as one or two-box subscriptions shipped out every two weeks. It’s a good idea to have an option to keep smaller quantities arriving at more frequent intervals.

$36.34 per month


Café Grumpy Bi-weekly Subscription 

Café Grumpy’s pretty much a staple by now, having been on the scene for more than a decade – starting out in their Greenpoint branch and expanded to seven cafés throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan and a dedicated roastery just up the street from their original location. Their coffee and espresso subscriptions showcase their impeccable selection of single origins and blends, and are available as one to five bags at a time, once every one, two, three, or four weeks. 

$36 per month


Devocíon Bi-weekly Subscription 

One of Williamsburg’s most striking cafés, not only because of their breathtaking two-storey living wall, but also for hosting the most unusual coffee-roasting business models. Devocíon ships its green coffee directly from Colombia via Federal Express to ensure your beans are as fresh as possible—at least in New York City—from farm to cup. Order a one-, two- or three-bag subscription shipped to you every one, two, three or four weeks from their roastery near the Williamsburg waterfront.

$39 per month


“The Good Thing” Coffee and Vinyl Subscription 

If you like the idea of receiving a goodie along with your coffee, then consider this subscription from Maine’s Tandem Coffee. Each shipment includes one of the company’s exquisite coffees along with a vinyl record—I mean, it’s pretty unbeatable. You get your coffee paired with a record that would be well suited to accompany it (imagine James Brown with coffee from Colombia, and David Bryne with coffee from Burundi). Are you sold yet?

$35 per month


Get your fix right at home, caffeine lovers!