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Did you know there’s a liquid glass Skin Trend?

Do you believe in glass skin?

words by: Natasha Marsh
Dec 26, 2021

After much research on frankincense,  I’m convinced that you might want to use the essential oil derived from traditional Chinese medicine in your skincare routine. In fact, it might even be the key to the glass skin trend that populated throughout the pandemic.


For the unfamiliar, the glass skin trend is all about poreless, reflective, glossy skin that resembles glass — it’s skin that is impeccably smooth, intensely moisturized and almost looks transparent.


If this sounds ridiculous to achieve, it’s because it is. However, if you are TikTok obsessed and interested in trying all the latest trends, frankincense can get you (sort of) there.


What is frankincense?

Frankincense, known to some aestheticians as liquid gold, is an aromatic resin used in skincare products and fragrances obtained from Boswellia trees.


What are the benefits of frankincense?

As a natural astringent, frankincense works to balance oil production while tightening the skin. Since an excess amount of oil creates acne, it in turn keeps acne at bay. Additionally, frankincense strengthens skin and improves elasticity and tone.


Not only that, but it also defends against bacteria, blemishes, and all other determinants attacking the skin barrier. You’ll often see frankincense in acne medications and over-the-counter drugstore products due to its ability to replenish tissue and decrease inflammation and hyperpigmentation.


In addition to decreased inflammation and tighter skin, frankincense also has aromatherapy benefits for its warm, earthy, and spiced scent. Experts count this essential oil as a means to lower stress levels, calm anxiety, and promote sleep — making frankincense a great option for a nighttime skincare routine.


Ok, so how do I use frankincense?

If you are into the DIY route, all you need is a few drops to reap the benefits. Add two drops of frankincense into your existing skincare products (moisturizer, eye cream) or massage into the skin at night to prevent signs of aging.


In addition, you can add a couple drops (no more than three) of pure frankincense essential oil and two or so drops of geranium essential oils to a warm face cloth for a quick facial steam that is both time efficient and effective. All you have to do is place the warm cloth in front of your face and then wipe your face clean, you’ll see the benefits almost immediately.


Great, any side effects?

It’s important to note that essential oils are extremely potent. Remember to always dilute frankincense, and all essential oils, with a carrier oil like jojoba, coconut, and olive oil to prevent irritation and dry or cracked skin. If you are doing this at home follow the ration rule of thumb: two drops of essential oil to two tablespoons of a carrier oil.


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