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You can now Google a song by humming it

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Oct 23, 2020

Google has just unveiled an update that allows you to identify a song by simply humming it. Long gone are the days when we had to download Apple’s Shazam, and catch the tune while it’s playing. While there have been many free online tools that allow you to hum a song and discover its name, nothing compares to this new feature that Google has (finally!) unveiled.


We can now say with utmost certainty that having a tune stuck in your head and asking “What’s this song?” and not figuring it out for days will be a thing of the past — and guess what, we won’t miss it.


The feature is called “hum to search.” Users can whistle, hum, or sing to the feature, as they are prompted by a microphone icon that can be found in Google’s search widget and mobile app. Additionally, you can also ask your Google Assistant “What’s this song?” and then start humming it immediately after to get a response.


The feature is supported in over 20 languages with more languages planned to be added later on.