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Google’s first ever Pixel smartwatch comes with a Fitbit tracker

So how will it compete with Apple and Samsung?

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Oct 28, 2022

Alphabet is now selling its first Google-branded smartwatch equipped with Fitbit, the fitness tracking technology, 3 years after acquiring it. The Pixel Watch is now available to customers.


The company has been developing the Wear OS operating system for years before releasing the Pixel Watch, and the Wear OS system is what powers many other smartwatches such as Samsung, Fossil, and Michael Kors. So the Pixel Watch promises to be one of the best smart watches out there.


Starting at $350 for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and $400 for 4G LTE, Google’s very first smartwatch seems to be full of potential. Google has been working on many new Pixel products, in addition to the Pixel Watch, there are new phones such as the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro that are also available for purchase now.


This marks the first time we’re seeing how Google is incorporating Fitbit into its inventory after buying it for a little over $2 billion in 2019. For people who already own smartwatches, the Pixel Watch offers what most other smartwatches do: Fitness tracking, sleep tracking, and heart rate tracking.


In our opinion, this is going to be a hard sell though, seeing as the new Apple Watch SE is just $250 and contains some of the same main features as the Pixel Watch. This is also true for Samsung’s Galaxy Watch5, which costs $280. It is definitely a competitive market out there, but there will definitely be some people taking a chance on the Pixel Watch.


The stunning, understated design of the Pixel Watch is its greatest advantage. The Pixel Watch appears more opulent because of its circular face and domed glass construction. Additionally, it is made of stainless steel, which is more expensive than base models of smartwatches made of less expensive aluminum.


The Pixel Watch has a great design and is lightweight. It seems more like a watch than a computer on your wrist since the 41mm-wide watch face is designed to resemble a water droplet. Apparently, the smaller size does not result in a less powerful battery, with Google promising 24-hour battery life.


That being said, there really aren’t that many worthwhile or exciting features that justify the more expensive price point, besides aesthetics, which, after all, matter a lot.


Google is developing other technology though, like the AR headset. Plus, Google Chrome’s new logo is a master class in design.


Photo via Google