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Google launching “Price Insights” for Online Shopping price tracking and comparison

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Oct 31, 2020

Over the past year, I’ve been reliant on Chrome add-ons such as Honey to secure promo-codes as well as engaging in price comparison to see when the best time is for me to purchase a specific item. Having become more conscious of my online shopping habits, I am always on the lookout for apps and systems that make it easier for me to make better and more ethical choices.


Cue in Google’s price tracking and comparison tools for online shopping. Along with the constant effort to improve their search engine optimization, Google has just added a nifty new and useful feature to enrich everyone’s online shopping experience. After adding their humming-based music recognition feature last week, the tech giant introduced their “Price Insights tool,” allowing users to see whether the price of a product is higher or lower than average. This is the best way to find if you’ve landed a great deal or if you’re being robbed blind. 


This new feature is definitely a strategic move against other competitors that offer add-ons and analysis to your purchases. Having it integrated in the Google features is an easy step towards eradicating all other competitors, seeing as Google is the most used search engine out there. Price Insights allows you to select a product and sign up to be notified when that product’s price drops, but it also goes an extra step and scours the web on the spot to show you better price listings.


Google is gradually rolling out its Price Insights tool to select regions before becoming available worldwide.


Photo via Google