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Your Hair isn’t just turning grey from age – there’s a reason

words by: Natasha Marsh
Nov 10, 2020

If you started getting gray hair this year, we don’t blame you. With COVID-19, the shitshow of the election, unemployment, police brutality and the plethora of other stressful things this year, it’d be weird if it didn’t affect you.


But maybe you had gray hair prior to this year, and feel as if you’re too young to be graying already and fearful that the rest of your body will age quickly as well. Although it’s true that gray hair is due to aging, it’s related to your hair bulb and the melanocytes – or molecules in your hair. When these melanocytes stop producing melanin pigment, the results will be gray hair. 


So yes, aging is the main reason but the second you ask? Stress. 


A new study shows that stress can damage the stem cells that produce new melanocytes. Stress shows itself in the body in a variety of ways. You can have stress acne, inflammation, digestive issues, poor sleep and unfortunately, stress can also turn your hair to gray. But it’s not just stress from your overwhelming to-do list and thoughts or unbalanced diet, gray hair can also accelerate from external stressors – the pollutants in the air, the sun or other environmental triggers.

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