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The best products for growing your Hair out

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Nov 11, 2020

Growing out your mane? Long hair requires a lot of maintenance (if you want it looking healthy, that is). Not only do you need to keep it clean, you also want it to be healthy, stylish, and dandruff free. This all means that you need a nutrient-rich hair care regimen. This is why we’ve rounded up the best hair products, from shampoos to conditioners, for men with long hair.


Best Shampoo for Long Hair

Saunders & Long “The Long Weekender”

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This product is an all-in-one shampoo, that also functions as a body wash, shave cream, conditioner and hair balm. And while it does serve all these functions, it is first and foremost an incredible shampoo that leaves your hair feeling lush and full-bodied after a full rinse. Not many shampoos do this, so this is what we call a gem of a find. 


Best Conditioner for Long Hair

Rahua hydrating conditioner

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It’s very tricky to find a hair conditioner that doesn’t make your hair extra oily or lumpy after a wash. This is why Rahua’s hydrating conditioner is our pick: packed with an oil trio that preserves your hair’s existing hydration while also resuscitating it. The three oils – morete, rahua, and sacha inchi – work to keep your hair free from tangling and frizziness, strengthening and repairing weak strands, and shielding it from from UV damage and other related environmental damage. 


Best Smoothing Oil for Long Hair

Verb hair oil

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Often, oils are an underused tool in most of men’s grooming routines. While shampoos and conditioners pack their own their selection of a variety of oils, we can’t stress enough on how important it is to use oil to both rejuvenate and style your hair. That is especially applicable when you’re in the process of growing out your hair. Verb’s Ghost Oil will give your hair a lively sheen while acting as a leave-in conditioner and helps keep your mane in its styled shape. It is packed with argan, moringa, and rice oils that promote steady and healthy growth for both the shafts and the longer strands. It also can quite literally save your hair from brittle disrepair. 


Best Scalp Treatment

Harry’s scalp cream

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Scalps are mostly overlooked even though they are the source of all that goes wrong with your hair. Scalp-care is perennial in fighting dandruff and keeping your hair at its healthiest. Harry’s just debuted a whole lineup of shampoos, scrubs, and creams for scalp-care and dandruff eradication from its core. This cream is a great (and easy) way to nourish your scalp and give it the care that it needs to promote a healthy bed for your hair. You can use it daily (and we recommend you do so).


Best Styling Cream for Long Hair

Baxter of California styling cream

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Once your hair reaches your ears and further down, maintenance will have to be upped, as well as efforts spent in styling that luscious mane. For long hair, heavy style tools like clays and waxes can weigh down your curls. This is why we recommend this lightweight, medium hold cream. 


Best Hair Mask for Long Hair

Ouai hair mask

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Hair masks are some of the best things you can do for your hair. The great things about them is that they are preventive as well as being generative. Ouai’s hair mask is a 10-minute remedy that acts as a reviver of dry hair while protecting it from future damage. You can apply this mask once a week after washing your hair.