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Growing a Beard for the first time? Read this.

5 tips to get your started properly.

words by: Natasha Marsh
May 27, 2020

If you’re a first time beard grower, this is the article for you.

Chances are you’re confused on what products to use, what tricks to incorporate, and how to make your beard softer and fuller. Don’t worry, you’re in good hands. We have compiled some tips to take you from clean shave to stubble to full-on beard. 


Make a plan

Regardless of how long you’re looking to grow your beard, it’s essential to know what beard styles work best for your face shape. Ideally, a beard is grown to soften any extremities and make your face shape more oval. If you have a longer face, you don’t need a long, narrow beard to emphasize that. Instead, widen your face with fuller sides on the beard. Also, when it comes to beards, patience is a virtue. Considering you’ve a first time bloomer, allow yourself time to perfect which products work best and grace for when it enters the awkward, patchy stage. 



Gentlemen with beards will tell you they clean it up every other day, if not daily. In order to keep shape, it’s important to shave the perimeter, that is the neck and cheek lines. This is really where the shape forms. If you have a shaky hand, you might want to invest in a beard-stenciling tool the first couple of tries for the cheek lines. An easy fix for the neckline: place two fingers just above the Adam’s apple and then trim an imaginary “U” shape from ear to jaw. Next, shave everything below this line. 


Trim as it grows

In order to avoid the awkward in-between stage, or soften it rather, trimming often is key. You’ll notice your beard will become scraggly and some hairs will need to be trimmed instead of styled into place. Keep an eye on the length and shape the beard takes on daily and adjust to your preference.


Moisturize it

Moisturizer is your only prayer to an itch-free beard. This doesn’t need to be a daily exercise, but should be done at least weekly. Find a good beard oil, balm or cream and massage into the whiskers to keep bristles soft and healthy. A moisturized beard will not only make shaving pain free, but it will tame flyaways and allow you to sculpt the beard of your dreams. 


Brush it

Before you go to sleep you should take a brush to your beard. This will help keep form and distribute the natural oils from the skin evenly.