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PSA: Gucci Town is now at Roblox

Where do we sign up?

words by: Natasha Marsh
Jul 2, 2022

We loves all things fashion, from sneakers, to streetwear brands, snapbacks, accessories, and so much more. So naturally, when we caught wave that beloved Italian fashion house Gucci had created a mini-town, we had to hear more. Gucci Town, a permanent space hosted by Roblox, is the latest digital destination to uncover more from the fashion house and their heritage.


Taken and created after the success of Gucci Garden, a two-week even also hosted by Roblox where fans were able to experience Gucci’s virtual gardens and wear avatar accessories, Gucci Town also has avatars and limited edition collectibles to outfit the avatars. Plus, with their newly-launched “layered clothing” technology, outfits look super real.


What to expect at Gucci Town

Inside the actual space at Gucci Town, you will find digital goods, mini-games to earn virtual currency, new Gucci-obsessed friends, and so much more. The Mini Game Heights is home to Gucci-inspired competition, whereas the Creative Corner is where users can manipulate patterns, colors, and shapes to create art pieces.


The Vault Plaza has exhibitions inspired by Vault, the houses experimental concept store, as well as the brand’s latest products and collaborations. Users can even visit the Gucci shop to purchase all the things they see at Gucci Town.


Lastly, the Power-up Place is their version of a café, where you can connect with other like-minded people.


Although all these things are wonderful, the main goal of the mini town is to build community and an environment that brand fans can flock to all year long.


Visitors are encouraged to partake in activities that will give them GG Gems, the brands in-experience currency that can be used at the café or virtual products. The brand hopes to expand by having visiting artists and updating with new content.


“We’ve been experimenting with Roblox for years now and in May, 2021, we unveiled the first Gucci-themed immersive experience: Gucci Garden. For two weeks only, visitors had the chance to wander in a virtual counterpart of the Archetypes exhibition in Florence. Part of the success of that experience — which gained 20 million visitors and was recently awarded with a Webby Award — was its ability to build a sense of community around the brand on Roblox, thanks to our partnership with up-and-coming content creators and Gucci’s virtual goods instantly becoming signifiers of belonging to a group of users with shared values,” Nicolas Oudinot, executive vice president, said in a recent interview. “It is a place to reunite with like-minded individuals sharing a passion for self-expression, and to set up open dialogues between them and Gucci.”


Gucci of course, is hoping to experience the same success for Gucci Town as it had for Gucci Garden. We have a hunch it will do well being that it’s more of a permanent location versus the two-week stint the Gardens had, but like most things, only time will tell.


So what do you think, will you be visiting? Or would you rather cop something real from the adidas x Gucci collab?


Photo via Gucci