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A no-frills guide to covering up Gray Hair

Grays, be gone.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Jul 30, 2022

Did you click on this article because you discovered your first gray? Or maybe you want to prevent it from ever coming. We should start by saying graying is completely normal and an inevitable sign of aging. AKA, it happens to everyone. It’s actually a beautiful, natural process–which is why some people prefer embracing their silver streaks.


Accepting you have gray hairs is the first step, but you shouldn’t panic; they can easily be covered up. It’s important to understand that coloring gray hair is an ongoing process, one that will take maintenance and touch-ups every few weeks. You can either consult with a colorist at a salon or purchase box dye and do it in the comforts of your own home.


So what are the best ways to cover up stubborn gray hair?

The very first thing you need to find out is how much time you want to spend disguising it. Do you want to completely cover it up with permanent color? Only do your roots? Doze on some color to make it look like a natural fade? Basically if you decide you want to completely cover your hair, you will have to stick with that to have consistency throughout your hair journey, which takes time and patience.


If you color your whole head, you will lift the current color of your head. Or you can choose the semi-permanent route and go for dye with no ammonia, which will not cover the gray, but instead blend it to stain the natural color. A lot of people enjoy this because it requires very little commitment and fades out rather than grow out to make it look quite natural.


The dying process

For the actual dying process, regardless if you choose semi-permanent or permanent products, you will be given the choice to use a spray-on applicator or a brush applicator. Make sure you try both to see your preference.


Spray-on applicators are more seamless and brush applicators are more precise, as you won’t have to work color in with fingers the same way you do a spray-on dye. You can first try this on a paper towel to see how you want to go about it. Then, it’s time for the color.


Start by misting or brushing on a layer of color. Keep in mind that color will appear darker when dried. After, use a rattail comb to separate hair accurately and make sure you are getting all the gray hairs. Keep going until you are satisfied.


And remember, having grays is a natural thing, like baldness. If you’re prepping for a bald head, here’s our guide.


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