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Turns out Gut Health can affect your Skin

Gut health is important.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Oct 11, 2021

Since I was small, I’ve experienced stomach problems. It used to be so bad that I would have stomach pain and aches daily, irritable bowel syndrome, and for a while, I couldn’t keep anything down without a trip to the bathroom. After several tests, and many second options, it was decided that I just had a sensitive stomach. No one could figure out how to cure it, but instead told me to watch what I ate. Annoying.


Over the years, by trial and error, and loads of research on the stomach and digestive system, I’ve started paying a lot more attention to my gut — what foods to eat, diets to go on, exercises to do, and sleep intake, to make sure I have healthy gut. Not only has this new focus on my gut helped my stomach issues, but it’s helped me maintain glowy, healthy skin.


After all, food should be used as medicine and fuel, not as an emotional clutch. Every protein, carbohydrate, or fat has a role to play in the body’s ability to age and look healthy.


Case in point: what goes on inside your body, directly affects the surface. Ahead, discover a couple tips to getting your glow on without applying any product.


What gut-friendly foods should I eat?

Antioxidants: an unhealthy gut can cause toxin build-up and directly affects nutrient absorption. If you eat a rainbow of fruits and vegetables it will help.

Amaranth: gluten-free oat is great to eat in the morning or throughout the day for your daily fiber intake. Plus it helps to fight inflammatory aging.

Bone broth: an excellent source to heal and detox the gut. Bone broth is amazing at curing hangovers too.

Chia or flax seeds: great for restoring, hydrating, and eliminating the appearance of fine lines.


What should I avoid?

Dairy, sugar, alcohol, and gluten are known to increase inflammation and should be avoided if possible.


Are there any supplements I should add in my routine?

Probiotics will restore good bacteria to your immune system to improve your health. When looking for a supplement, look for one that contains DDS-1, Vitamin C, or grapeseed extract, these give the gut a glow from the inside out — while reversing aging.


If you’re looking to improve your skin, read up on why retinol is the key ingredient you need.


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