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How to prolong your Hair Color and skip the touch-ups

With one at-home hack.

words by: Alee Kwong
Apr 15, 2021

Getting your hair color done at a salon/barbershop is not cheap and the maintenance isn’t gentle on your wallet either. One of the reasons so many people color their hair at home is because they are willing to compromise the quality of their hair color in order to save a few hundred dollars. Considering you’re supposed to ideally refresh your hair color every 6-8 weeks, the commitment to salon hair color can be costly.


My hairstylist, being a real one, let me in on a life-changing tip. Let’s take a moment to remember how insistent most hairstylists are about getting you back in the chair as frequently as possible and getting you to purchase the products offered at the salon. Basically, most of them bank on faded color. My hairstylist put me onto Overtone, a rich color-depositing conditioner that was originally formulated to be used over dark hair. Overtone offers a variety of colors such as blue, red, purple, rose gold, orange, yellow, green, black, and brown, just to name a handful. He told me that if I am diligent and use their color-depositing conditioning treatment once a week, I should be able to maintain my color at-home for up to 3-4 months without a salon touch-up!


I currently have bright blue hair (think Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim vs The World) and after a month, it is slowly starting to fade. I am not a huge fan of the partially faded hair color look, so I bought a few tubs of Overtone Extreme Blue Coloring Conditioner ($32) for my long hair, which should last me about 2-3 treatment sessions. If your hair is short you’ll have more than enough product with one tub, but if you have medium-length hair you should stay safe and get two tubs of conditioner.


When applying the color-depositing treatment, I add a little bit of Queen Helene Cholesterol Cream for extra hydration, applying it evenly on my hair and leaving it for at least an hour. The directions say to leave it on for 10-15 minutes but I find that leaving it on for an hour makes the color much more vibrant and increases the amount of moisture my hair absorbs. After an hour, I rinse it thoroughly with lukewarm water and immediately follow with cold water to seal the color deposits into my hair cuticle. The combination of Overtone and the cholesterol treatment left my hair unbelievably soft and the color exceeded expectations. I didn’t expect that much color from a conditioner and I was pleasantly surprised. The best part is that not only I am refreshing my color for a fraction of the price, but I am also restoring my hair health before I have to go into the salon and damage it again.


So if you’re debating whether or not you should go to a salon for color and you’re worried about maintenance cost, I suggest going to a salon for the initial color and then taking maintenance into your own hands with Overtone.


Photo via Overtone