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Hair essentials for men that won’t break the bank

5 key finds.

words by: Team ULTRA
Apr 6, 2020

It’s the 21st century so yes, men should – if you haven’t already – start caring for their hair. Now, there are a lot of choices out there, and it tends to get a little confusing. Creams. Shampoo. Gels. Sprays. And how can you choose them? We’ve made it easier for you and rounded up the best hair products for you.

Now’s as good a time as any to start trying out different hair products and seeing what makes you truly shine.


Alder NY Texturizing Powder

If you have thin hair, dry shampoo is the product for you: it absorbs excess oil which allows you to go an extra day without having to shampoo your hair in the shower (we all know the damages of daily shampooing – it can totally dry out your hair). That way you can shampoo your hair once every couple of days, and on the mornings where you don’t, you can simply use dry shampoo.

Alder New York texture powder is an organic dry shampoo: it is not only a cleanser but also a texturizer. Apply this blend of refreshing eucalyptus, volume-boosting rice powder, and cleansing clay minerals but combing it through at the roots. 

Available for $27


SEB MAN Hair Spray

Hairspray is what secures whatever hairstyle you have in place: keep your hairspray around for hot or humid days when heat and sweat may totally ruin your hairdo. This hairspray from SEB MAN offers a strong hold and has an incredible 24 hour anti-humidity control. Made with guarana extract, with additions of bergamot and pink peppers, the vibrant freshness and refreshing scent makes it the best hairspray to use this summer. 

Available for $18


Oribe Styling Cream

This cream is made for hair that is three inches or longer. If that’s you, then this product will make your hair feel feather-light. Using styling cream undoubtedly beats not putting anything on your hair – it makes your hair behave and be coached in specific directions without feeling lumpy or “hard shelled.” This stylist’s staple offers a firm yet flexible all day hold, is made for curly or straight hair, and tames frizz while adding substance and volume.

Seriously now, what more can you ask for?

Available for $18


GO247 Hair Gel

If you have fine hair, this is the gel for you. This brush-able, non-flaking gel adds thickness and body to all hair types without solidifying and making your hair shiny (and not in a good way). It provides a strong, flexible hold without weighing hair down or making it feel crunchy. GO247 is an expertly formulated men’s grooming brand, and this product is one of its best and most consumed. 

Available for $17


SheaMoisture For Men Utility Gel Mousse

If you’re someone who likes to spend as little time as possible on your hairstyle, but still want it to look presentable, and if you also have longer hair, then hair mousse is your go-to option. The foaming cream is easy to work through long locks and can be worked into the hair right out of the shower: a simple running through of the fingers for a couple of minutes will do. This thickening gel mousse smoothes and hydrates hair while adding body and shine. It provides a long lasting medium hold without build up or flaking. It also washes out easily, so you don’t have to worry about scrubbing your locks for longer than you need to.

Available for $15