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Here are some of the best ways to trigger Hair Growth

Three essential tips.

words by: Alee Kwong
Feb 22, 2021

Many of us have nightmares about losing our hair in clumps and for some people, this reality is right around the corner. As health and wellness have become increasingly popular, people have turned to anti-aging and taking it more seriously than ever before. We started seeing an increase of people forming preventative skincare regimens and next on the checklist is a preventative haircare regimen. While there are plenty of passed down home remedies and tricks that could probably help, it all boils down to making sure you are actively watching out for your hair’s health/condition.


Here’s three ways to help you trigger hair growth:


1. Omega-3s

Numerous studies have found that Omega-3s help nourish your hair and your skin. It’s also linked to reducing hair follicle inflammation, which plays a big role in hair loss. A common supplement in the many peoples’ vitamin starter pack, this hair health vitamin has also been proven to aid in heart health, so it’s a real two-birds-one-stone situation.


2. Jojoba Oil

Keeping your scalp healthy means keeping it happy. Applying oil to your scalp and leaving it overnight as a hair treatment keeps your scalp moisturized, which is essential. Jojoba oil helps keep the scalp clear of dandruff and its properties are found to balance the scalp without getting in the way of its natural oil production (in other words, you can moisturize without worrying about getting too oily!).


3. Scalp Massage

According to research, scalp massages have been proven to increase hair thickness and has been shown to help those with alopecia. Supposedly, hair thickness is increased because the hair follicles are being stretched during a massage. It’s also said that scalp massages help dilate blood vessels underneath the skin, increasing the rate of hair growth.


Also, avoid DMDM hydantoin in your haircare products.