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Tips and tricks for Halloween Makeup

words by: Natasha Marsh
Oct 29, 2020

Candy? Spooky costumes? Festive drinks? Halloween is a favorite holiday for many Americans. Of course, this year with COVID-19, Halloween will be a bit different but that shouldn’t stop you from dressing up and having a great time, safely of course.


A big part of the costume – and often the most stressful part – is the makeup. Helpful Halloween makeup tips and tricks can be the easiest way to streamlining the appearance of your holiday costume. Below, we’ve rounded up the best advice for your perfect Halloween night. Don’t worry, they are all relatively easy. 


Think costume, then makeup

Depending on where you are in the country, Halloween might be a very cold night. Think about your costume first, are you wearing a turtleneck, or a hard-to-get-over-your-head outfit? If your answer is yes, then consider changing into the costume and then applying makeup. This will save you the time from potentially having to redo your makeup. 


Vaseline is your friend

If you are using face paint or other hearty applications, consider applying a thin layer of vaseline to your face prior to application. This will help with removal and save you loads of time at the end of your night… or morning, we’re not judging.  



If you’re going for a look that requires blood, consider applying blood mixture with the end of a makeup brush or Q-tip. This will create a more authentic look and is a much easier clean up. If you’d like to use the brush end of the makeup brush, you could splatter the blood on your face by running your finger across the brush close to your face.


Invest in a setting spray

There is no point in spending hours on Halloween makeup just for it to smudge or fade away in the middle of your night. Make sure you add a setting spray to the final look to ensure a long-lasting night of fun and scary. 



If you’re looking for a specific Halloween makeup look, why not follow a tutorial? YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest are filled with step-by-step tutorials for thousands of costumes.