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What is a Hand Lift and do you need one?

Like getting fillers, but for your hands.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Aug 30, 2022

You can always tell how old someone is from their hands. That is the hard truth. Do you have wrinkles and fine lines? Does the skin look saggy or lackluster? Are they a different color? Are they excessively dry? Unfortunately, there is very little wiggle room for older looking hands. And with the increased act of hand washing throughout the pandemic, hands have never looked as dry and less than youthful.


Maybe it’s because most people have been conscious about their face and sunscreen on their body, but rarely ever think about their hands. Signs of aging hands can include sun spots, bulging veins, or discoloration. If this sounds like you, it might be time for some over-the-counter TLC. Or, if you’d rather take the more drastic route toward youthful hands, try a hand lift, AKA, hand rejuvenations.


Yes, you read that right. Similar to the bottomless creams and serums out there for the face, the same can be done for your hands. But what exactly is a hand lift, and what are the benefits of getting one? Not to mention, is there a specific age when you should get them? To find out, here’s a guide.


What is a hand lift?

A hand lift is a non-invasive procedure done on the hands to add volume to the skin. Whether you know it or not, the hands are frequently exposed to pollutants and have a very delicate composition. Essentially, collagen production decreases with age, leading to thinner skin — making underlying veins and tendons become more visible.


Due to over exposure of the sun, we can lose fat and tissue that causes sun spots, or a more prominent appearance of pre-formed sun spots. When you get a hand lift, the treatment will target the back of the hands rather than the palms and fingers.


How does it work?

The procedure is rather simple as well. Fortunately, the skin is never cut. Instead, doctors and dermatologists will recommend a treatment plan that typically includes filler injections. They’ll start with numbing cream, then small injections will then be made (in between the bones and tendons) with hyaluronic acid filer or bio-stimulating agents. Lastly, the product is massaged into the hands to ensure it covers the whole hand.


Can anyone get a hand lift?

Short answer: Yes. Basically, a good candidate is anyone that has noticed the skin on their hands has become thin, or their blood vessels are more severe and prominent. It’s good to mention, though, that it can be a bit costly—ranging from $2,000 to $4,000 for the procedure, and about $800-$1,000 per syringe of filler. For optimal results it could take several syringes, leading to large costs.


Traditionally, a hand lift can last anywhere between 9 months to a year. Experts recommend using moisturizers with Vitamin A post-treatment to help stimulate collagen production even further.


To find the best hand moisturizer or cream for you, these are pandemic-proof.


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