Here’s what we know about The Weeknd’s HBO show ‘The Idol’

“Hollywood’s sleaziest romance” is definitely gonna go there.

words by: Kayla Carmicheal
Aug 30, 2022

A new trailer for HBO’s The Idol is out, and it gives us a lot of information and the opposite all at once. The series was co-created, co-written, and co-produced by Abel Tesfaye (The Weeknd) and Euphoria creator, Sam Levinson. Needless to say, it’s highly anticipated.


You might recall a few of the production challenges that’ve been reported along the way. Most notably, in the midst of shooting, it was announced that the cast and crew needed to be adjusted in order to fit a new “creative vision.” “The production will be adjusting its cast and crew accordingly to best serve this new approach to the series. We look forward to sharing more information soon,” HBO mentioned.



Nevertheless, after reshoots and recasting, we have two trailers now, with plenty of familiar faces to boot. From what we know about the show, the plot centers around—get this—a club owner and cult leader, who enters a “complicated” relationship with a rising pop starlet (Lily-Rose Depp). Among the star-studded cast includes Troye Sivan, Suzanna Son, BLACKPINK’s Jennie Kim, Dan Levy, Melanie Liburd, Tunde Adebimpe, and Steve Zisiss.


The first trailer opens with hazy, unstable text that reads, “From the sick and twisted minds of the creator Euphoria, Sam Levinson, and Abel ‘The Weeknd’ Tesfaye.” A wild dubstep track floods in, and rapid shots of Depp and company give us the gist: Jocelyn (Depp) and her wild life rising to pop fame, featuring what you’d expect from a drama from Levinson: Music, drugs, money, drinking, dancing, nudity, and the self-proclamation of “The sleaziest love story in all of Hollywood.”



Similarly, the second trailer opens with what the closed captions describe as “acid rock,” as well as the text “From the glitters of Hollywood comes a new HBO original series.” This team really knows how to create a vibe, huh? We see another supercut of Jocelyn’s rise to fame, including what must be necessary sacrifices, with her cult leader/club-owning man, Tedros (Tesfaye) on her arm, and a release date of “coming soon.”


So far, The Idol seems to have Levinson’s Euphoria touch: It looks dramatic, messy, and something millions of people (myself included) will be tuning into every week to see. The trailers show us behind the scenes of music video shoots, having adoring fans, doing what it takes to be seen and fit in, and all while giving off an electric type of energy only The Weeknd and Levinson can create. Did I mention ultra-famous distribution company, A24 was involved?


Everyone’s intrigued to see what the creative minds of The Weeknd and Levinson have come up with. Not only that, but the premise sounds so interesting, and hopefully the execution is equally as compelling. With a cast of familiar favorites (Hank Azaria?), and obviously dope music, The Idol has everything going for it.


BTW: Frank Ocean, the man who loves to take his time with things, is also doing something with A24. Allegedly.


Photo via HBO