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Here are the best affordable Aftershaves for men

5 top notch selections.

words by: Team ULTRA
Jan 22, 2020

Men can begin shaving their faces as young as 15 years-old. If their fathers were around, they were likely instructed to use aftershave. Today, views on aftershave have shifted – what was once a mandate is now a soft suggestion. Preference aside, aftershave is your friend. It prevents micro-cuts from getting infected, limits irritation, and hydrates your skin. Given all the pros, why would you skip a process that takes 20 seconds max?

The market has moved away from alcohol-based products, which traditionally earned aftershave the reputation that it should sting. In 2020, we’re more conscientious about what we put on our skin.

Thankfully, GQ just dropped a list of the best aftershaves. Here are the affordable, choice cuts:


Tea tree oil + shea butter aftershave serum

SheaMoisutre – $7

Image via Amazon


Witch hazel and rose water splash toner

Thayers – $8

Image via Amazon



Sensitive post-shave gel

Gillette – $3

Image via Target


Aloe enriched post-shave balm

Harry’s – $8

Image via Amazon



Aftershave + Face toner

Lucky Tiger – $12

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These products will leave your skin happy and healthy. Remember, it’s not just about you – everyone else has to look at your face, too. So please, think of your face.


Gif by Nata Metlukh