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H&M offering free 24-hour suit rentals

For your next job interview.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Apr 29, 2021

Facts: First impressions matter, especially in a job interview. Hiring managers often take wardrobe into account when deciding on candidates – Did you wear a professional trouser? Were your shoes clean? Did you look presentable? Does your outfit show you are capable of a job well done? It is no secret that an interview outfit matters (even on a phone interview).


Swedish retailer, H&M, feels the same. Their latest campaign gives young people in their job search a free 24-hour suit rental. The “One/Second/Suit launch is aiming to provide anyone attending a job interview to make a powerful first impression,” the retailer said in a recent interview.


Online consumers can book navy blue suits, available from XS to XXL. Once the 24-hour period is up, the customer would then drop it off in a prepaid return bag to a dry cleaning company the megabrand has partnered with. We are unsure if the customer has to drop it to a location or if the prepaid bag can be shipped.


The company has stated that no fees will occur for minor damage (stains or tears) but that the entire cost of the suit would be charged to customers who return it completely damaged. H&M says the new initiative is an effort to be more sustainable.


H&M couldn’t have picked a better time to roll out this initiative, as unemployment rates are high and people are looking to work throughout the pandemic. This initiative is not completely new though. There have been plenty of charity organizations that offer professional clothing over the years, H&M is the first major retailer to do so. The program launched in the UK this week and is set to hit the stateside on May 13.


What do you think: brownie points or marketing tactic?


Either way, remember to always follow up after your job interview.



Photo via H&M