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How Frank’s Chop Shop is leading the Barber Culture

Home to scores of creatives

words by: Curvel Baptiste
Mar 2, 2021

Hop on the B/D train to Grand Street, the J/M/Z to Essex, or take the F to East Broadway. Step out of the station and you’ll find yourself in the Lower East Side, Manhattan’s last cultural stronghold.

This hood is like no other: home to scores of creatives—from indie musicians, street artist, painters—great food, street fairs, and a mix of Chinese, Jewish, and Spanish culture, the LES is quintessentially NYC. Nestled in the mix, you’ll find the home of one of the best barber shops in the grooming industry.

Welcome to the base of Frank’s Chop Shop. Sitting on the bench outside, you may meet the guy every local knows and respects as a cultural icon—Mike Malbon, the founder of Frank’s Chop Shop. From creative conversations to business ideas, you can bet Mike will be out there schooling heads to the game if he’s not jet-setting off to Japan or LA, for business as usual.

Step inside and things are in full swing, with people getting anything done from a fade to a beard trim. Just a small turn to the left and you can’t miss founding partner of Frank’s Chop Shop, Mr. B, rocking some of the flyest gear from his head down to his shoes… dude is on point. His skills as master barber set him apart from the rest. The scissors in his hands create a sound like someone playing a musical instrument as he crafts his client’s cuts. Pick a name, any person of interest, and there’s a high chance that person has been groomed by this elite barber.

With all that said you can’t help but notice–from the craftsmanship to the decor–Frank’s Chop Shop gives off Soho House vibes. The ability to socialize at your own leisure and book by appointment only makes Frank’s Chop Shop one of the best of the best. It’s here that they continue to push to new heights, with barbers who have unbelievable experience, unique and quality products, and above all, excellent service.