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How much Money is worth Burnout?

Would $1 billion make it okay?

words by: Natasha Marsh
Jun 26, 2022

Do you find yourself constantly working with no end in sight? Maybe you feel as if you are drowning? But, because people know you for your good work ethic and excellent product, you continue on this rabbit career wheel, never fully coming up for air. Sound familiar? The anxiety that you are feeling and probably have been for a while is called burnout.


When you look up the definition¬† of burnout, Google states: “the reduction of fuel or substance to nothing through use or combustion.” Meaning, it’s when you work, work, and work to no end and feel as if your tank is completely empty. The easy way to beat burnout? Quit of course. Find a way around it.


But what happens if you cannot stop working because you support a family, pay the bills, stay out of trouble through work, or need to for health reasons? What happens if you are working in a work from home climate where your boss is somehow micromanaging from the screen, making it impossible to switch off for the day? Is there a way burnout can be justified? More importantly, is there more money employers can throw at you to make burnout not as exhaustive?


Well, to be frank, it varies. You have to decide for yourself how much you are willing to give and how much you get out of it. Of course, it becomes complicated when you think about your responsibilities and bills. Even more so when you think about what money could do for those problems.


In my opinion, as a writer, we go through lulls of burnout and creativity, some moments more high than the rest. It is hard to balance an ever changing schedule, tight deadlines, and a full day of events and meetings.


Sometimes, you just want to sit on the couch or eat a single meal without an internet-infested device near or on you. Other times, you’d prefer to sleep because your erratic schedule didn’t allow for more than 4 hours to fit all your work in.


No matter what you are spiraling into, look long and hard and decide on a number or even volume/scope of work of where you will draw the line. Once you decide on that, it will hopefully become easier to notice burnout and tackle it.


Sit with it, breathe it in, and then release it.


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