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3 commonly overlooked Post-Pool Haircare items

No one wants premature balding right?

words by: Alee Kwong
Aug 11, 2021

Let’s keep it short and simple. We are far too old to be neglecting our hair after we spend hours on end in a swimming pool. I don’t want to hear any excuses. The fact that you’re dipping your hair (that’s most likely already damaged) into chlorinated water and not giving it any TLC whatsoever afterwards, I just… do you want premature balding? Here’s how to care for hair after pool time.


1. A hydrating, clarifying shampoo

While you might feel inclined to grab any old clarifying shampoo to clear out the chemical gunk and summer sweat from your scalp, step back and grab something that is more hydrating. Classic clarifying shampoos are notorious for stripping everything, including moisture, from your scalp and that’s the last thing you need after a full day of dunking your head in chlorinated water. Opt for something more gentle and first and foremost emphasizes hydration like the Moroccanoil Clarifying Shampoo ($26). This sulfate-free shampoo has restorative ingredients like argan oil, jojoba extract, and keratin to keep your hair on the healthier side of the spectrum while making sure your scalp is a clean slate.


2. A deeeeeeep conditioner

I don’t need to go further into detail about how drying chlorine is for your hair. While a hydrating shampoo does some of the work, you still need to do the heavy lifting and drench your hair in moisture in the form of a thick deep conditioner. A deep conditioner will not only rehydrate your hair, but it will strengthen your hair and make it less likely to break in the future. The Kiehl’s Olive Fruit Oil Deeply Repairative Hair Pak ($28) has two superfood oils, olive and avocado, to repair moisture levels and damage. Not only does it have ingredients that are proven to restore moisture in hair, but also gives you bang for your buck!


3. An old T-shirt

Alright, maybe this one isn’t overlooked but hear me out. Your hair just went through hell in all that pool water and you just did the in-shower haircare routine of champions. The last thing you want to do is squeeze all the moisture out of your hair. Traditional bath towels are not only super abrasive but can absorb a lot of of the extra hydration your hair needs. An old T-shirt is soft enough to keep you from further damaging your hair and absorbs just enough water to keep you from dripping all over the place like Grimer from Pok√©mon.


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