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What actually causes Gas and how to get rid of it

Because gas is the opposite of fun.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Aug 31, 2022

When you feel like you are about to pass gas, either with a burp or the other way, it can feel awkward. Especially if there are people around you. No fun at all. But it can be even more unpleasant if the gas you are experiencing is causing you discomfort. As it turns out, there are many ways that you can experiences gas, and equally as many ways to get rid of it, thankfully.


Ahead, let’s break down the root causes, as well as some quick, simple, and immediate ways to get rid of gas for good.


What causes gas?

After eating a big meal or eating certain foods you might experience gas — especially those high in fermentable carbohydrates like beans, bread, veggies, and milk. This is the most common way, but as we know, it’s not the only way.


You can also get gas from:


Swallowing air: Occasionally if you eat too quickly, talk while eating, drink through a straw, or chew gum, you can accidentally swallow air. The swallowed air is then released through gas.

Having IBS: If you are experiencing irritable bowel syndrome, you might also be dealing with gas. At this point, your inflamed gut has led to maldigesting and poor absorption of foods.

Being lactose intolerant: When the body has trouble digesting a sugar (read: Lactose) found in milk and dairy products, it is, very aptly named, being lactose intolerant.

Dealing with small intestinal bacterial overgrowth: The gut has a lot of bacteria, both good and bad, inside of it that helps break down food and respond to infection. Sometimes, when there is too much bad bacteria, the body will produce gas and bloating.


Got it, so how do I get rid of gas?

Ah, for the good news. There are plenty of ways to provide relief. For instance, you can chew your food more slowly. That way, food will break down at a more consistent pace. Smaller meals help with this too.


Additionally, sipping peppermint tea will aid with digestion. (And if you cut down on carbonated drinks, you’ll see a benefit.) If you’re a gym rat, physical activity helps with getting rid of trapped gas.


If you feel symptoms getting worse, or the gas continuing to progress, consider seeing a doctor. Your primary physician can perform a series of tests and exercises to see what is causing the pain. They can recommend a specific diet or medication to alleviate some of that discomfort. It’s best, of course, to follow the daily habits above, but always seek professional advice if there’s cause for concern.


Again, a little bit of gas is okay — normal, even. But you will be able to tell when enough is enough.


Sometimes, changing up your diet is what will help with digestion and gas. Probiotics can work wonders.


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