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Your guide to Warts and how to get rid of them

So long warts.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Aug 10, 2022

This is 100% TMI, but in hopes that I am not alone and there is one lonely reader out there dealing with this, I have to share: I am allergic to mosquitos. Every once in a while, I get bitten. As a result, the swelling, itching, and poison from the insect will result in a wart. With or without me touching or bothering it, the injury must be too much for my body. Eventually, the wart either protects itself by creating a barrier, or there is so much bacteria and poison from the bug that it bubbles up.


The reasoning? Before writing this post, I really wasn’t sure. But now, after doing some extensive research, I am here to bring you a one-stop guide to uncovering why warts appear on the body, how to get rid of them, and even how to prevent them. Be prepared for a wart-free life from here on out


What are warts, and why do they form?

Warts can seem like a harmless and common form of skin growth. But in reality, they are an infection in the top layer of the skin, caused by a virus called the human papillomavirus. The virus can get into the skin through the smallest of openings (like a bug bite puncture), and grow cells on the outer layer of the skin, creating warts.


Warts that typically appear on the hands are from a virus that can be contracted days or months prior to the infection. The most common ways to contract the virus is skin-to-skin contact, like shaking hands with someone or simply touching their shoulder. Another way to get infected is by using someone else’s towel or socks. Why you would do that, we don’t know.


But like previously stated, it is common. Biting your fingernails, shaving, or falling and scraping yourself can also lead to openings and welcome in warts.


How can you get rid of and prevent warts?

Some people have better immune systems that can fight off viruses and prevent warts from growing. It really is a common skin condition to have. The most important thing to double down on is prevention and treatment.


Make sure you always wash your hands properly and frequently. Make sure to wear flip-flops when in gym locker rooms and homes that aren’t yours. And as a general rule of thumb, keep your skin moisturized and exfoliated to avoid open cuts or fissures in the skin — the ideal environment for viruses to get into the skin.


It’s important to remember that warts can spread. So when you see one appear on your body, do your best to treat it before it spreads to another body part. You can invest in a wart remover from your local drugstore, over-the-counter salicylic acid, freezing solutions, or even use tape to suffocate the virus. A dermatologist can also freeze or burn the wart off if you cannot get to it easily.


Now that you know how to prevent warts, here’s how to moisturize properly for different body parts.


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