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How to get the bleached look you really want

Let a professional handle it.

words by: Thugwife
Apr 28, 2020

So, you want to bleach your hair? But not like Slim Shady or that junior high yellow… I’m talking Justin Bieber Purpose vibes. 

First of all, it’s not done with Javex and I don’t recommend letting your girlfriend’s roommate do it with a drugstore box color in the kitchen when you’re drunk Saturday night. Box colors have different ingredients than a professional color line that cause different reactions with your hair. Which is why you should leave it to the professionals


Step 1: Find photos of color you like. 


There are many different shades to choose from. Cooler tones are white/silver blondes, while warm tones give more of a golden effect. Or do you want to go for a full-on bright fashion color, Dennis Rodman style? Everyone sees color differently, so having pictures will help your chosen stylist understand what you’re looking to achieve.



Step 2: Find a professional. 

Coloring hair has a science to it. Your natural hair has an underlying pigment of red, orange, or yellow depending on how dark it is. Everyone’s hair lightens and reacts to bleach differently, so the darker your hair is, the more levels it needs to lift. Your hair might take more than one process to get to your desired color. There’s levels to this shit. 


Step 3: Book your appointment.

I don’t want to scare you by saying it burns, so we’ll just say it tingles. Bleach needs heat to work, typically your hot head is enough, but cold air will stop the lightening process.  Kind of like an ant farm on your scalp. The lightener is literally stripping the pigment from your hair.

It’s a multi-step process. After it gets washed out, your desired color is put back in with toner. If you’re opting for a fashion color, that’s another process on top of it all. Your appointment can take anywhere from two hours to a whole afternoon. So be prepared: bring food, maybe some reading materials… and if it’s cold outside, remember you can’t go smoke.

* * *


Beauty is pain baby but you won’t mind when you see the male model in the mirror. Find out for yourself if it’s true what they say… blondes have more fun!


Photos courtesy of Thugwife. For more tips on styling and hair care, follow @thugcuts.