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How to Groom your Beard post BBQ

For your own good.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Jul 5, 2022

Temperatures are regularly 90 degrees. Bottomless brunch is now on the patio. Central Park is booming with picnic blanket after picnic blanket. These 3 things have one major theme: It’s summer in New York City. And with summer comes multiple outdoor activities, one of them being summer cookouts and summer barbecues.


Maybe your family enjoys grilling when they host friends over or your group of friends have planned a weekend trip outside the city that will involve BBQ. As tasty as grilled shrimp, chicken, steak, burgers, corn on the comb, and other barbecue foods can be, it is one of the messiest activities to experience.


Barbecue sauce and seasoning always gets everywhere and sure you can reach for a napkin to clean your hands and face, but what about your beard? How do you get sauce and food out of your beard? How do you prevent your beard from smelling like a grill? And are there any routines prior or after consuming barbecue that would making cleaning or maintenance more seamless?


Well you’ve come to the right place, because we have tips for you.


1. Mustard is not your friend

Be cautious when you reach for a hot dog, especially if it has mustard in it, because if this gets stuck in your beard, it could leave a weird smell till your next shower.


2. Invest in baby wipes

Whether you have a baby or not, having wipes with you will be your greatest tool. Yes, you probably won’t be brining a bag to the BBQ, but even the smallest moist toilette will help take away all excess food, germs, and keep your beard odor-free. And if you want to look fancier, you can also do this with a moist handkerchief.


3. Wash your beard

If none of this works, it’s high time to actually wash the beard. Grab either soap and water, or your favorite beard oil and mild soap, and wash your beard thoroughly using a beard brush, as you wash, make sure the product saturates the hair.


For a deep clean, let soap sit on the beard for up to 5 minutes to really penetrate into the hair follicles and get rid of the smell.


4. Comb your beard

Lastly, comb the beard to make sure everything is out. Combing will work wonders in getting the beard to lay flat and ensuring their are no tangles. It’s also a great check in point to see if you need a trim.


Now, read up on whether or not you need to invest in a beard roller.


Photo via VICE TV