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How to improve Skin texture, once and for all

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words by: Natasha Marsh
Dec 24, 2021

Unfortunately, uneven skin texture could wreak havoc on even the clearest of skin — especially in the winter months when you might be seeing more dryness and breakouts than usual. Below are some tips and tricks to help combat uneven skin texture.


Invest in an exfoliating cleanser

Regardless if you select a physical or chemical exfoliator, exfoliating cleansers will help to remove dead cells from your skin and yield improved texture and a brighter complexion. You’ll want to look for gentle cleansers like Dove or Grown Alchemist that won’t disrupt the precious outer layer of skin. Another ingredient to look out for is Japanese luffa fruit, popularly known to gently life impurities from the skin.


Grab a trusted moisturizer

In case you didn’t know, your hydration levels change throughout the day. In fact, they begin to decline during the second half of the day and can cause flaking, dryness and rough texture. For moisturizers, you’ll want to find products that are formulated with calming ingredients like niacinamide to even the tone and texture of your skin.


Great products to look out for are Paula’s Choice, great for acne-prone skin, and iNNBEAUTY, packed with antioxidant-rich botanicals, in addition to niacinamide.


Use retinol

You won’t meet anyone past the age of 30 that doesn’t use retinol. Its benefits are high and quite frankly, it’s the most-studied ingredient out there that improves fine lines and wrinkles.


Used during the evening right before bed, a retinol serum will help stimulate cell turnover and produce loads of necessary collagen (the item that keeps skin firm), all while you sleep. We like Neutrogena products and Drunk Elephant for the stable form of retinol that minimizes potential irritation. It’s also great for sensitive skin and just as powerful as an exfoliator.


Don’t skim out on sunscreen

As you know by now, chronic exposure to the sun can lead to a plethora of skin conditions: uneven tone, dullness, cancer, textural changes, and sun damage. Aka sunscreen is a must.


When selecting a sunscreen you’ll want to make sure the SPF is at least 30 (higher is better), broad spectrum, and water resistant. Some other things to look out for when buying is DNA repairsomes (natural occurring enzymes that help repair existing sun damage), reef safe, and broad spectrum that is suitable for all skin tones.


And hopefully it goes without saying, apply sunscreen on your face, body, and hair. Every day. Multiple times a day.


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